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The NSW Department of Education - Learning from Home Hub has excellent resources to support students and parents:

Structure your home learning day

Parents are not expected to be teachers or home school experts, we will all need to work as best we can in this situation.  We are unsure how long we will be operating in a learning from home mode but our teaching staff are here to support you at home.

Ideally we do not want to just see this as an extended holiday but as normal school as much as possible, from home.  Creating a structure for the day is important.  Consistency helps students focus, so start with a daily schedule. Skilled teachers often begin the school year with a great deal of structure, because kids learn most easily when they know what to expect.

Irrawang High School will have a timetabled structure throughout the week, so rather than disrupting your child’s routine, some students may wish to follow the 9am-3pm learning routine. Alternatively, for some families it might be better to create your own new routines to fit in with your family or so you can share computer resources.

You will need to be flexible depending on how your child is progressing.  Keep checking in with your children as to how they are progressing, offering help as they feel they need it.  We all need to process new learning so allow children time to relax between learning periods.

Remember - creating a structure can help to keep the day productive

Set up a learning space

 Create an area in the house for your child to be able to focus on learning. Keep in mind that every child has individual ways of learning, so what works for one may not work for another.

Find a clean, open place that works best for you and your family. Natural lighting is amazing. An open window is a plus.

Remove distractions - Turning the TV off, switching off app notifications will help or maybe even leave your phone in another room.

Access to technology

Our school has been working hard to create a range of learning activities that can be accessed digitally or in paper copy.  If students have access to a computer, laptop, tablet or phone they will be able to take advantage of the online learning platforms set up by classroom teachers.  

For students without access to technology at home we can provide paper copies of school work available for pick up from the school or can be posted home.

If you are unsure how to access work for any subject please contact the school

Teachers will be supporting students in our online learning platforms and are the first person to contact if a student has a question or needs some help with their school work.







(All PDHPE classes with the exception of CAFS will be held on CANVAS - see above on how to login)



Maths - ALL classes will be held on the TEAMS platform - see above on how to login

Careers - ALL year 10 classes will be held on the TEAMS platform - see above on how to login


Dept Of Education 

Reach Out

Beyond Blue

be you

Stay Healthy HSC

In addition to our teaching staff we are working hard to set up a parent and student help desk to support you while students are learning from home.  While we are working on this please feel free to send us an email outlining the issue or support you would like and one of our team will get back to you.  If the issue is related to a specific subject it would be helpful to let us know the subject and teachers so we can get the right advice back to you.

Email address:

If a student is unable to login to their student portal, please phone the school and we can speak to them and get them online.

Phone: 4987 4687

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