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ED Classes

The ED class provides intensive educational support for students who have been confirmed by the NSW Department of Education as having mental health problems and/or disorders. This class provides a range of specialist support for students across Years 7-12.

The aim is to address the needs of students with mental health problems and/or disorders by building a culture of support, including attitudes and beliefs that encourage positive relationships, student empowerment and resilience.

This programs focus is:

– providing access to the curriculum 7-12

– supporting students in their transition to other education or employment opportunities

– supporting the long-term education of students with intensive levels of support needs.

Transition Class

The Transition class is a program designed to provide students identified as needing a modified pattern of learning to adjust to the daily routine of mainstream high school classes.

The class focuses on providing students will the skill s to:

·       reflect on and understand their behaviour and its consequences and develop a positive attitude towards schooling

·       develop the student’s capacity and understanding to re-engage with their mainstream pattern of study

·       explore themes in more depth around taking responsibility for their own actions and identifying solutions to problems; plus planning for better choices and building positive relationships.


Students from all classes participate in a combination of mainstream and differentiated learning activities. By doing this they receive a balanced and well-rounded approach between academic and practical based subjects.

We take pride the close association we have with the agriculture program that is run at school.  We are strive to help our students achieve valuable outcomes in social, emotional and physical well-being along with life skills.  We run a gardening program that involves students propagating vegetable plants and nurturing them in our garden. The students learn valuable skills such as team work, caring for the environment and the importance of vegetables in maintaining a healthy diet. They harvest, weigh and sell the produce to the school staff, raising funds for the classes and gain valuable social skills in the process.

We also have formed a partnership with Heatherbrae Bunnings who have come on board to design then come and build garden beds with our students. They also have researched and planted items for a sensory garden that will ultimately become self sufficient.