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2021 HSC Information


The HSC written exams will be held from November 9 until December 3


2021 HSC Written Exam Timetable

September 10 - HSC Media Release from the Minister for Education and Early Childhod Learning

Past HSC exams and Study Guides



You should write in black pen. Make sure you bring spare pens to each exam. You may also bring a ruler, highlighters, pencils (should be at least 2B) and a sharpener, and a bottle of water in a clear bottle. You can wear your watch to your exams, but once you sit down you will have to take it off and place it in clear view on your desk. Programmable watches, including smart watches, will not be allowed in the exam room.

The following list shows the exams for which you are to bring specific equipment, as there may be some exam questions that require the use of this equipment. If an item is listed as optional, it means that there will be no exam questions for which the item is essential. But you may bring and use it if you wish.

All equipment you bring is subject to inspection on entry. Make sure any equipment you are allowed to bring, such as a calculator, is in good working order because an appeal under misadventure provisions for equipment failure will not be upheld.


  • A mobile phone. Mobile phones are not permitted in an exam room under any circumstances.
  • A programmable watch, eg a smart watch.
  • Any electronic device (except a calculator where permitted). This includes mobile phones or other communication devices, organisers, tablets (eg iPads), music players or electronic dictionaries.
  • Paper or any printed or written material. You can ask your presiding officer for working paper.
  • Print dictionaries, except where permitted in language exams.
  • Correction fluid.

You are not allowed to borrow equipment during exams.