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Financial contributions and assistance

There are some costs associated with going to school that you may find it helpful to plan and budget for.

Costs to consider include:

  • uniforms

  • school books and equipment

  • excursions

  • co-curricular activities.

Office Hours

Irrawang High School Office Hours: 

8:30am-3:30pm Monday to Friday 

Student payments can be made from 8.30am - 1.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am - 1.00pm on Fridays.

No payments will be accepted outside these hours. The Parent Online Portal can be used for payments anytime at the Payment link

Please note:  Teachers may not be available during these extended times.

Voluntary school contributions

Like all NSW public schools, we can request contributions to enhance our educational and sporting programs including elective subjects. School contributions help provide additional educational resources for the benefit of students. Payment is voluntary.

For more information, visit the Voluntary School Contribution policy.

The Parents' and Citizens' Association and the school's Finance Committee each year ask parents and guardians to contribute to the costs of schooling.  From 2000, these contributions have been dedicated to the Library fund. As such they are tax-deductible. These contributions are used to provide resources for the school's library.  Payment of the general school contribution is a matter for decision by individual parents and guardians. 

We stress that your contributions are really welcome as they are the main fund-raiser in our school community and are vital in planning for and meeting the needs of students

We also require your support to purchase some materials used and consumed by students in their chosen courses.  These subject contributions enable the school to buy materials such as timber, cloth and food used in such courses as Mandatory Technology.  It is a lot easier for the school to buy these for all students rather than expect students to bring in their own for each lesson.

While your contributions are extremely important to the school, we can assure you that no embarrassment or discrimination will occur in our school as a result of any inability to pay the contribution.  The Principal will discuss reductions, exemptions, support and payment by instalments with any parents or guardians who contact me.

If you have any concerns about contributions please discuss them with your representatives on the Finance Committee or with the Parents' and Citizens' Association or with the Principal.

General School Contributions 2024

Subject Materials Contributions 2024


We ask that contributions, especially subject contributions, be paid as early as possible to enable the school to offer resources to your students. Arrangements can be made for payment by instalments, or to defer payments, by contacting the Principal.

Financial assistance

If you are unable to pay school contributions because of financial hardship, you may be eligible for assistance from the school.

Our principal will ensure no student or family suffers any discrimination or embarrassment over the inability to pay school contributions.

The school receives some funds to assist students needing help with the purchase of school uniforms, writing materials, and excursion costs or subject contributions.

This replaces the previous bursary scheme, and is only available to students under 16. Should you have difficulty in meeting these school costs, please contact the school so we can organise support from this Student Assistance Scheme.