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Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council is composed of students from Years 7 to 12 who are elected to represent the interests of their year group for one calendar year.

After that time they must stand for re-election and be voted in by their peers for the following year. In addition the school co-ordinator may appoint additional students as the need arises. The latter become honorary S.R.C. representatives.

In the senior years students may put forward an expression of interest in joining the S.R.C. In addition these students must demonstrate an understanding of the role and expectations of the S.R.C.  Year 12 representatives usually include at least two representatives from the captains and vice captains.

S.R.C representatives are expected to speak on student related issues at year meetings each fortnight as well as reporting back to the S.R.C in regard to issues that students from that year group are concerned about. If practicable these concerns will then be formulated into a proposal put forward to the School Executive for consideration.

At all times students are expected to present themselves appropriately when interacting with other members of the school community as well as the local community in Port Stephens.

Students also volunteer for a number of activities in their role as student representatives. These may involve activities outside normal school hours such as special events at school, ANZAC ceremonies and charity work for organisations such as Legacy and Red Shield.  These activities may involve students from a range of years or may become the responsibility of a particular year group.

The S.R.C. provides students with an opportunity to further develop their leadership skills and works co-operatively with other student centered leadership groups within the school.