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Supportive and Inclusive Learning

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Executive Staff

Meg Spicer - Deputy Principal, Inclusion and Support

Kate Fincher - Head Teacher (Rel) 

Guy Feeney - Head Teacher Return to School Centre 


SUPPORT CLASSES offer a variety of individualised programs with special education qualified teachers and a school learning support officer with each class. The role of a support class is to facilitate the learning of a student with disabilities in a specialised setting, designed to cater for their specific learning needs.

Students placed in support classes will have Personalised Learning and Support plans developed in consultation with the student, parent/caregiver, and any other relevant parties. This plan is the basis for development of the student’s pattern of study and cater for their educational and vocational needs. All plans are reviewed annually to cater for students changing needs.

Students within the faculty participate in a range of learning opportunities including lessons to develop their living and work experience skills in both school and the community.

Special Programs:

· Integration

· Transition from primary

· Transition to post school options

- Senior's Transition eExpo

· TAFE courses

· Distance Education

· Students within the support faculty can participate in mainstream electives if educationally appropriate

· Community Access

· Work experience at school and in the community

· Travel Training

Return to School Centre

The Return To School Centre is a Department of Education initiative to support the successful return to schooling of students from Year 5 to Year 10 on long suspension.

The Raymond Terrace Return to School Centre located on the grounds of Irrawang High School is an intervention program for students who are on long suspension and have been identified by their school as being likely to benefit from a structured program to assist their successful return to school.

 Students will receive support with:

• Managing their own behaviour

• Programs to help with understanding their behaviour and its impact in school

• Support structures at school

• Study, planning and work habits

• Their successful return to school

The length of placement will vary according to the length of suspension and willingness to participate in the program. 

Irrawang High School is committed to providing relevant educational services so that students with disabilities reach their full potential by being provided with the opportunity to access the curriculum on the same basis as peers.

All staff and students are supportive and accept all students as individuals. This positive, caring environment encourages improved community attitudes towards people with disabilities.