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Office 365

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Office 365 is a collaborative set of apps and services to help students and teachers in NSW schools share and learn together in a simple, familiar and fun way.

What Services are Available?

Some of the applications students and teachers will have access to includes OneDrive, the online Office Suite and OneNote Class Notebook Creator.

  • OneDrive is like an online file repository accessible from any browser on any device at any time. Storage in OneDrive is unlimited and empowers staff and students by enabling them to:
    • Save documents such as class work, videos, audio files and pictures in a secure online location that can be accessed anywhere, anytime on any device.
    • Share documents and files with users with the click of a button

  • The online Office Suite includes applications such as Word, OneNote and PowerPoint. These tools enable students and staff to:
    • Create assignments, class notes and more either in the browser or using the full application
    • Share and collaborate on these creations with other users anywhere on any device in real time

  • OneNote Class Notebook Creator utilises the power of OneNote, to deliver teachers the backbone of a digital classroom. This amazing tool empowers students and teachers to:
    • Quickly and easily set up a personal workspace for every student.
    • Curate a content library for class material
    • Create a collaboration space to enable rich interaction, feedback and content creation

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