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Learning Extension


At Irrawang High, we try to cater for all students, whatever their level. For the brighter students, we offer the following:


Students showing outstanding development in a particular course may be accelerated (promoted ahead of their cohort) in that course. Such acceleration must be within Board of Studies guidelines, ensuring that students cover all levels without skipping years, and accelerate at the highest possible level.


All students, but especially those achieving outstanding results in the standard course work, are provided with extension exercises within the normal unit offerings.

In junior years, talented students are placed in a special class to further extend their development.


Students with particular abilities in courses are encouraged to take part in state and national competitions. These are conducted in English, Mathematics, Science and Geography. Students can also be involved in specific GATS competitions including Tournament of the Minds and Mind Marathon, Bridge Building, Robocup


Students are given many opportunities to receive additional training and to participate in extra-curricular activities covering such areas as: Dance, Drama, Music, Public Speaking and Debating, Performance Ensembles, Junior, Intermediate and Senior Drum Corps, Art Works, Science and Creative Writing 

Gifted students are those whose potential is distinctly above average in one or more of the following areas of ability at school - intellectual, creative, social and physical.

Our gifted and talented program provides these students with learning opportunities on top of the normal curriculum.